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Thread: Obe? Dream?-Chakras and Kundalini

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    Default Obe? Dream?-Chakras and Kundalini

    This morning i sat with a brew soothing my lump in my throat then my memory came back from my dream, I can't quite tell if it was a dream or astral but it felt real.

    I was stood there with nothing surrounding me and there was a voice talking to me (Ii cant remember seeing them) the voice was home to me and felt at complete harmony, I can't remember what they said at first but i was told to look ahead of front of me was nothing, no existence and then a window opened up out of no-where...looking through I saw this energy swirling into a snake and moved round these planets which represented the solar system...the voice spoke and said what do you see here, my first response was kundalini, I started to feel energy flowing through my body, it felt physically real then it stopped at my throat.
    My throat started vibrating and the voice said your heart is now cleared and open but you have a blockage in the throat that needs to be worked on.
    The vibration stopped and thats all I remember, I went to bed last night with a lump in throat and woke up still hurting...what do i do with this dream? do Ii just forget it? was it a dream? the planets what did they mean?
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    My first inclination is to query what was in the brew that you were taking? It almost sounds as if it contained some kind of narcotic. It does sound as if you were hallucinating. Kundalini arises from the East and is a spiritual/sexual type of energy. Here is the reference to which you may already be aware:

    Should you require advice on natural products to relieve sore throats then send me your e-address through the personal message column when I will respond.

    Regretfully, Eastern philosophy is beyond my experience.

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    Default Planets


    Being an Indian, I can only answer one and the last part of your query.

    Kundalini is the feminine energy, called 'the serpent power' in English though in sanskrit (our 'latin') it does not mean the same. It is awakened through meditation.

    Your dream/hallucination also depicts chakras for planets.

    To be kept in mind thar kundalini is awaken through meditation and in Indian meditation, we visualise 7 chakras.

    The chakras are also represented by planets and different colours which help in healing of their respective body parts :

    MOON -- BROW

    I don't know if you have been reading on this subject or not, but it seems very unlikely that you get so much knowledge (if I may term it so) on your own. The sanskrit terminology would have been unknown to you in that case.

    For the rest of it, in my opinion Delparc is the best judge.

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    Default Very interesting...

    I have no idea what it means, but I do suggest maybe wearing a blue scarf or necklace, or anything blue for that matter around your neck for a day or two. And maybe doing some charkra exercises particularly in the throat area <3

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    Over the years I have had many kundalini symptoms . There is much online that speaks of what is referred to as kundalini syndrome .

    All sorts of sensations can be felt and many ailments can manifest as the kundalini rises through each chakra but it's totally necessary as the transformation process starts to eliminate everything that is not pure within one's system .

    Here is a short list of symptoms

    Agitation, anxiety, blurred vision, chest pains, confusion, constipation, convulsions, cramps, diarrhea, difficulty in urinating, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, enlarged or painful breasts (in both sexes), fainting, fatigue, fever, fluid retention, hair loss, hallucinations, headaches, impotence, heartburn, increased skin sensitivity to sunlight, insomnia, loss of appetite, mood changes, mouth sores, nausea, nervousness, nightmares, nosebleeds, numbness in the fingers or toes, palpitations, peculiar tastes in the mouth, restlessness, ringing in the ears, seizures, skin rash, sleep disorders, sore throat, sweating, tremors, uncoordinated movements or balance problems, unusual bleeding or bruising, vomiting, weakness, weight gain or loss, or yellowing of the skin or eyes. So many of these symptoms are commonly reported Kundalini manifestations, and might be overlooked as serious warning signs by someone going through a Kundalini awakening

    x daz x
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