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    I would like someone to assist me in tarot. I need to know things like how do i chose the correct cards for a start and then advise on how to get started. I would like to only focus on Tarot for now until i get to a stage that i am not classified as a beginner any longer before i move on and focus on anything else. I get the feeling at the moment just to focus on tarot and astrology but would only like to learn one at a time. Please note that i have got no experience and have only had one reading before in the chat room. Thanks in advance.
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    We have tarot class where you can learn all about tarot .Look on the calendar when the class is listed and you are welcome to join.
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    It is my belief that The Rider-Waite tarot is the best and easiest one to start with. You can then use the meanings published in books or in websites. It takes time to learn it that way. It is much easier and quicker if you join a class and see explanations on readings, discussion of card meanings, ask questions, practice, etc.


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