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Thread: Requesting interpretation: A never-ending deja'vu Nightmare?

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    Question Requesting interpretation: A never-ending deja'vu Nightmare?

    A few weeks ago, I had the weirdest thing happen to me.

    I woke up from sleep and felt something moving at the foot of my bed. It felt as if someone sat down. I hid my face in the blankets and tried to fall asleep (but in all reality, I was already dreaming).

    A little while later, I thought I heard noises. I opened my eyes and looked around. It was dark in the house and my dresser mirror had a silhouette of a woman figure. She wasn't moving, but she definitely scared the silly out of me. It felt like a dark entity was in the room with me. For some odd reason, I couldn't leave the room. I felt trapped.

    I began to panic, and looked for my boyfriend. I wasn't sure if he was in bed, under the covers, or if it was something else, taking his place. Since I was too scared, I decided not to look. I thought "Okay, maybe I'm dreaming.", so I decided to pinch myself. I opened my eyes, and was back in bed. I thought "Okay, I guess it was a dream." When I turned to my right to feel some kind of relief that my boyfriend was lying beside me....NO ONE WAS THERE (once my bf falls asleep, he's out cold all night, so I freaked out, knowing he disappeared).

    I was alone, once again, trapped in the bedroom, as if a dark entity wasn't letting me leave. I thought that if I was dreaming, I could just look on the bed, see my body, and jump into it, but my body wasn't there.

    It felt like I was standing there, with my eyes closed for what seemed like forever. I opened my eyes again. Once again, I was lying in bed and my boyfriend was beside me. I looked over him to see the clock and thought "If I can see the time, I know I'm awake for sure". I saw the clock but it was incredibly blurry. I rubbed my eyes to try and look at the clock again... STILL BLURRY!!!! I rubbed them again and went to open them. All of a sudden, I was back lying down as if I just woke up again... I was terrified. When was it going to end?

    Finally, after what felt like eternity, fearful to open my eyes again, I managed to look...... I rolled to my side, and saw my boyfriend lying there. I put my hand on him, he felt real...But was I really awake, or not? I saw the clock...It was around 2am....C'mon...Was I awake or not??!!! My heart was pounding and racing incredibly fast. I got up slowly and went towards the door...I was able to leave the room this time...

    I went upstairs and sat on the couch, my heart still beating fast. I looked at the clock upstairs on the wall...I could read it...Also around 2am...Okay, I was finally awake and everything was reality...After a few hours of being too terrified to fall asleep...I finally passed out on the couch.

    For about two weeks, I had to sleep on the couch...I was way too traumatized from that nightmare to sleep downstairs again...

    I had not watched anything scary before bed...There was nothing new or abnormal about what I ate...So what was this deja-vu nightmare that seemed to be never ending???

    Would love to hear from another's perspective on this, thank you.
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